Commissioners seek new six-month extension for FEMA

This was some of the flood damaged caused by the spring 2019 rains. This was Lazy-E-Road. (Courtesy photo)
Montague County Commissioners met with Texas Department of Emergency Management and Cohn Reznick Thursday to discuss an extension of federal disaster relief funding. Pictured: Commissioners Mark Murphey and Bob Langford, County Judge Rick Lewis, Jodie Terrazas of TDEM and Grant Unell of Cohn Reznick. (Photo by Barbara Green)

Montague County Commissioners have completed about 50 percent of the disaster-relief road projects stemming from 2015 flooding events, and during a called meeting Thursday met with state officials to discuss another extension to hopefully complete many of the remaining projects.
Wading through the mountains of paperwork required when a county receives Federal Emergency Management Agency is a complex and time-consuming task. Not only does the county work with FEMA, it works with the Texas Department of Emergency Management and uses a local director hired by the county in W.R. Tucker. The county received another six-month extension earlier this year which runs out on Nov. 29.
Montague County was originally allocated a total of $13,137,353.79 and so far the four precincts have spent $6,586,093.13.
FEMA pays 75 percent of a project with a county match of 25 percent. Read the full story in your weekend Bowie News.