Former Nocona High student detained in threat investigation

Dr. David Waters, superintendent of Nocona Independent School District, said Tuesday’s closure of school due to a possible threat, “went as good as it could go” based on the late notice Monday night, but he commended the high school students who reported the social media threat as soon as they saw it.
At 10:01 p.m. Monday a letter was posted on the high school Facebook page stating school would be closed on Tuesday due to an alleged shooting threat. By Tuesday afternoon the 16-year-old male suspect was being questioned by police and later detained for a possible complaint of terroristic threat.
The letter from high school principal Stephenie Wright went on the school’s social media pages, as well as on the Remind app, available to all in the district. It explained the district received word a former student had allegedly made threats about bringing a gun to school, specifically to the high school and middle school campuses. Law enforcement was contacted and began investigating.
Reportedly the teen flagged down a student he knew and told him not to come to school tomorrow because he was going to be shooting.
Since the suspect was a juvenile and could not be detained Monday without his parent or guardian’s permission which was denied, Waters said they decided to cancel classes Tuesday. The family would not allow police to talk to him, although it did allow police to search the home where no weapons were found reported The Nocona News.
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