Foster mother jailed, accused of injury to a child

Rebecca McElhaney

A 33-year-old Bowie woman has been arrested for allegedly causing injury to a one-year-old child in her care as a foster parent.
Bowie Police Lt. Randy Hanson said Rebecca McElhaney was arrested on Oct. 2 on a warrant for injury to a child.
She bonded out of county jail the same day via a surety bond of $6,000. The charge is a third-degree felony.
Hanson said on Sept. 8 two children in McElhaney’s care were returned to their biological grandparents in Amarillo, who reported the injuries.
The children are not from Montague County.

Read the full story in the mid-week News.

7 Comments on Foster mother jailed, accused of injury to a child

  1. When she is found NOT GUILTY I hope you put that on the front page. It’s devastating how we as people find them guilty before the courts do. I understand the papers are only reporting from the police reports. This has destroyed this precious family. One thing I have learned is don’t condemn before the facts have been proven for or against.

  2. Allegedly accused, doesn’t mean this woman did anything wrong. Sad that news will just print anything before knowing all the facts.

    • Mr. Miller the facts in the story came directly from the police report, after the arrest warrant was served. It contains facts available at this point.

  3. This is a kind and generous woman who was giving of her time and energy to help children in need. She and her family need our prayers and our support.

  4. I agree, I hope that when the charges are DROPPED or she is found NOT GUILTY that you plaster that information all over the FRONT page of your newspaper! As a foster parent, this is one of my biggest fears! Foster parents are falsely accused more times than not because the families these children are taken away from are angry and will find any reason to accuse anyone besides themselves! Ultimately, the foster children suffer with these false accusations too because we already don’t have enough foster parents! Well, I wonder why!

  5. I got a tiny bruise on my ear, on my call the fire department call, FBI, call birder patrol, no let’s call Barny fife bowie of that is too lazy to do there job. I know this lady and her family they are very nice godly people and would never do this to anyone’s kid. We all no lie detectors don’t really detect lies and if your just nervous your going to fail. You can’t help kids these days I guess. She was just trying to help and got burned. This lady is not guilty and never was, she was just falsely accused. Bowie police department could find an elephant if they were tied to its tail. Unless there was donut crumbs leading to it.

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